What proportion of world trade is accounted for by transnational corporations?

(a) Four fifths
(b) Two thirds
(c) One quarter
(d) Half

Transnational corporations are among the world’s biggest economic institutions. A rough estimate suggests that the 300 largest TNCs own or control at least one-quarter of the entire world’s productive assets, worth about US$5 trillion. TNCs’ total annual sales are comparable to or greater than the yearly gross domestic product (GDP) of most countries (GDP is the total output of goods and services for final use by a nation’s economy). Itochu Corporation’s sales, for instance, exceed the gross domestic product of Austria, while those of Royal Dutch/Shell equal Iran’s GDP. Together, the sales of Mitsui and General Motors are greater than the GDPs of Denmark, Portugal, and Turkey combined, and US$50 billion more than all the GDPs of the countries in sub-Saharan Africa
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