Gender as an area of research, teaching and action has emerged only after:

(a) 1860
(b) 1910
(c) 1947
(d) 1975

The First Women/Gender Study Department

Following the activism of the 1960$, feminists in the academy worked to begin estab¬¨lishing a place for the study of women. In 1970 women faculty at San Diego State University (SDSU) taught five upper-division women’s studios classes on a voluntary overload basis. In the foil of that year, the SDSU senate approved o women’s studies department, the first in the United Stoles, and a curriculum of I I courses. The school hired one full-lime instructor for the program. Other instructors included students and faculty from several existing departments. Quickly, many other colleges and universi¬¨ties around the nation followed suit, establishing women’s studies courses, programs, and deportments. In 1977 academic and activist feminists formed the National Women’s Studies Association (NWSA) to further the development of the discipline. NWSA held its first convention in 1979. Presently, more than 600 women’s studies programs, departments, research centers, and libraries exist in the United States
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