Among the following feminists who have advocated that ‘Husband represents the Bourgeois and wife represents the Proletariat’

(a) Karl Marx
(b) Clara Zetkin
(c) Margaret “Maggie” Lowe Benston
(d) Friedrich Engels

Marx & Engels on “Woman”: Close collaborators in both the development of social philosophy and the pursuit of radical agitation, Marx and Engels became the chief theorists of modern socialism exerting an enormous influence on world history. Together they developed a new political-economic system informed by dialectical materialism, which asserted that every social order based on class division contains the germs of its own destruction. They perceived the world in terms of class struggle between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat and they prophesied the ultimate victory of the latter.
In spite of their championing of women’s liberation, both Marx and Engels displayed male chauvinist tendencies. Marx, a family man, bemoaned the fact that one of his offspring was a daughter, and not, as he put it, “a garcon.” He also spoke of “the folly of women,” while venting his anger about womankind caused by repeated tearful sessions with his wife that, according to him, “often lasted long into the night.”
“In the family, he [the husband] is the bourgeois; the wife represents the proletariat.”
— Engels, Origin of Family, Private Property and State
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